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Bergen, Norway

To the fjords before dinner?

Nestled among the fjords of south-western Norway, what better place to appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of this stunning country on a weekend trip? Bergen is both a city of culture and nature, where heavy metal bands and opera singers take turns performing at the Grieg Hall, and the undisturbed beauty of the Norwegian wilderness sits tantalisingly close to the town's border. Walk through the historic Bryggen wharf district and you'll appreciate the traditional architecture of the town. Also, see the fish market for a look at local life in Bergen. You can easily take excursions to the Fløyen mountains, for bracing hikes and breathtaking scenery, before heading back to town to continue your weekend break. Replenish your strength with a hearty meal of reindeer or moose with berry sauce in the central downtown area. The city comes alive at an hour when many back home will be getting ready for bed, so prepare to go out around midnight if you'd like to visit the local club scene.

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