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Billund, Denmark

Build your Danish weekend break

The Danish town of Billund is best known as the home of Lego, and most visitors come here for Legoland. What's not to love – miniature recreations of the world's famous buildings, fun rides and attractions all themed on those famous plastic bricks. Embrace the fun and rediscover your inner child. You can even live inside the park for the weekend! Billund 's a primarily rural area, and you can escape into the surrounding countryside for fresh air, pretty churches and plenty of farm landscapes. Want to go skiing and swimming all in one weekend? Make a splash at the Aquadome in Billund's favourite holiday resort, Lalandia, which also offers accommodation during your weekend break, a playland, indoor skiing and plenty of other activities. Only 25min away from Billund, you can go on a safari among the free-roaming animals in Givskud Zoo. And choosing a souvenir from Billund for friends and family back home shouldn't be too challenging – you are never too old for Legos.

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