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Budapest, Hungary

The best place to get ruined?

Budapest is a city of two halves, cleaved down the middle by the River Danube, the setting of many a romantic song and film. Think you know everything about Budapest? Even a short city break here will change your mind. Stroll through the sleepy streets of Buda, stopping to munch on a palacsinta crepe before heading up to the hilltop castle for the ultimate selfie with your travel buddies. Its deceptively modern, clean-cut exterior hides many of the country's greatest treasures in its gallery and museum.

In Pest, you're met with flashing neon and lively bars and restaurants, perfect for fun on weekend breaks. Here you'll find the awesome ruin bars, converted from abandoned buildings. From hipster to ultimate pop haven, the trendy nightlife offers explosions of light, colour and amazingly affordable drinks from Hungarian beers to Unicum liqueur. Don't leave the city before you have done as the ancient Romans – experience the thermal baths that Budapest is famous for!

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