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Cluj, Romania

Watch out for vampires

Cluj-Napoca is a thoroughly charming city in Romania, full of grand buildings centred around the marvellous Union Square in its centre, as well as excellent dining and vibrant nightlife. You can always try to spot a vampire at one of the many castles but it's said they never show up in photos. Indeed, Transylvania may conjure images of murky woods and terror but this is a colourful, cosmopolitan city that is an excellent destination for a weekend trip. Downtown Cluj-Napoca is flat, so ideal for exploring by bike. Of particular interest is the stunning Orthodox Cathedral and the huge array of palaces, fortresses and castles just out of town. It is also a great city for shopping, with the local spirit tuica packing quite a punch and making an impressive gift for those back home. As a university town the club scene is excellent or you can opt for a more traditional pub for a cosy night of merriment before the end of your weekend break.

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