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Cork, Ireland

Rebels with a cause

Cork is nicknamed ‘The Rebel City’ due to its role in the events following the War of the Roses back in 1491, when County Cork was the only county in Ireland to join the fight. While you'd be forgiven for thinking it takes its name from the soft wood used to close wine bottles, learn it actually comes from the Irish word for ‘marsh’. Fittingly, Cork is a beautiful city surrounded by green fields and split by the River Lee – a true gem and one of the Emerald Isle’s finest towns for a city break. Cork is compact, so you can comfortably stroll the main sights in its centre on foot during weekend visits. The Cork Vision Centre is an excellent information hub to learn about the city and get your bearings then head on to the magnificent Gothic Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral to snap a few photos. Cork City Gaol is a former prison with royal fortress looks, and if you’re no scaredy-cat, you’ll certainly get a thrill from their night tours. And of course, no weekend break to Ireland is complete without a pint or two of Guinness! Cork’s pub culture is lively, and Barrack Street is where it’s all at in the evenings.

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