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Dubrovnik, Croatia

A weekend in King’s Landing

Once inside the Walls of Dubrovnik, you'll be instantly captivated by the golden hues of its beautiful architecture in the sunlight. No wonder most of King’s Landing in the hit TV show Game of Thrones was filmed here, making Dubrovnik famous over night. Take a tour of the towers, forts, and fortresses – this is living, breathing history! Other than that, Dubrovnik’s location in the very south of Croatia gives it gorgeous Mediterranean weather with a wealth of excellent water sports to enjoy, from calm sailing to thrilling, organised cliff jumping – if you dare! Unless you’re afraid of heights, don’t miss a cable car ride: The view of the Old City, Adriatic Sea, and Elaphiti Islands from above are breathtaking. In the evening, splurge on a delicious scorpion fish dinner, as you watch the sun slowly slip behind the horizon. Drink to a brilliant weekend trip and clink your glasses filled with the all-Croatian sweet dessert wine called Prošek.

Weekend in Dubrovnik
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