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Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Get your rocks off

A small corner of Britain on the southern tip of Spain, Gibraltar's best known for the Rock of Gibraltar and the Barbary Apes. As a weekend break destination it has a lot more to offer; great weather, impressive views from the top of the Rock over to Africa and even tunnels built during a siege to explore if you're a history buff. There's no VAT in Gibraltar, which means you can go wild in the town's boutiques and souvenir shops, where everything is tax-free. Once you've maxed out the credit card, hop on a cable car which will whiz you up to the nature reserve at the top of the peninsula, where you can take in the views and have a chance to get up close and personal with the famous Apes, which are actually monkeys. After a hectic weekend shopping and sightseeing, why not end your Gibraltar break with a drink on the terrace as the sun sets over the Mediterranean - a cocktail on the rocks, of course.

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