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Girona (Costa Brava), Spain

All-Spanish weekends in Girona

It doesn’t take a beach to make a city trip interesting, and Girona – also referred to as 'mini Barcelona' – is here to prove it. With an all-Spanish atmosphere, expect an exciting city all the way through. Architecture? Check out the gorgeous Girona Cathedral, casually sporting the widest Gothic nave in the world. History? Take a walk along the ancient city walls, which will take you all around the old part of the city. Cuisine? Local specialties include ‘bellota’ ham made from Iberian pigs, and the deep-fried, sugar-coated pastry called ‘xuixo’. Also, there are 14 restaurants awarded Michelin stars in the area, so there are plenty of options to truly treat your taste buds! Finally, sunsets are for romantic strolls along River Onyar in the Jewish Quarter. Perfect for the 'gram!

Weekend in Girona (Costa Brava)
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