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Málaga (Costa del Sol), Spain

Picasso and pool parties

A weekend in Málaga holds much more in store than just a bit of sunshine. This Andalusian hotspot is lit in every way! Expect wild bullfights at La Malagueta, the city’s legendary bullring with over 9,000 seats. Alternatively, dive headfirst into everything Picasso: You can visit the Picasso Birthplace Museum and continue to Museo Picasso, popular with culture buffs for more than 200 exhibits and ever-changing exhibitions. Wine connoisseurs should head to the Málaga Wine Museum, where you can grab a decent bottle of wine at a surprisingly low price. Can’t say no to that! Take a relaxing walk down to the harbour, shop at the hyper-modern open-air Muelle Uno shopping mall, and grab a scoop of ice cream while you’re there. To burn the calories, jump on a bike, and catch a fresh breeze while dashing along the waterfront promenade in the soft light of the setting sun. At night, rooftop bars are where the hot stuff’s at. Check out Piscina Lounge for drinks and a swimming pool (both the cocktail and the actual pool to swim in, that is) right under the stars. With live music and the best DJs, this is the place to be for both visitors and locals, and in the blink of an eye, the sun will be rising again while you dance and celebrate the weekend!

Weekend in Málaga (Costa del Sol)
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