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Malta, Malta

Harbour of refuge

A city break in Malta earns you idyllic boat trips, waterfront cafes, prehistoric clifftops and millennia of history. St. Pauls Bay is a town named after Christ's disciple Paul who was shipwrecked here on his way to Rome. It's possible to visit the exact spot where Paul foundered if you head to St Paul's Island. The dive sites here are world-famous. Mistra Bay's pebble beach and cool, blue waters leave quite an impression. Sliema is Malta's expat town replete with high-street shopping and culinary options. The promenade is perfect for an evening stroll, while the Sliema promontory offers superb views over to capital city Valetta. Just north of Sliema is the resort of St. Julians, a veritable visitor magnet with tons of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs particularly in the Paceville quarter. Photographers will love Spinola Bay in St. Julians where fishermen paint their boats in bright colours. Your weekend break is complete with a sampling of traditional Maltese dishes, qarnit moqli (fried octopus) and stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit stew).

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