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Nottingham, United Kingdom

Steal from the rich and give to the poor

That's the motto of Robin Hood, the legendary English folk character who came from Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham in the East Midlands. The region is famed for its green forested landscapes, charming villages with friendly local pubs and the beautiful architecture of the city of Nottingham. In this town, visit the deceptively-named Nottingham Castle, which is actually a grand manor and not technically a castle, but a beautiful sight nonetheless! True crime lovers will also enjoy visiting the Galleries of Justice, where you'll learn about the harsh punishments criminals faced in olde England. The East Midlands region is also rich with destinations such as historic Leicester, with its rare Roman monuments, and great shopping at the medieval market. Nature lovers on weekend breaks will adore seeing Sherwood Forest's nature trails and the Robin Hood Visitor Centre. If staying in one of the cities on a weekend trip, be sure to toast your visit with a local ale at one of the many pubs in the centre of Nottingham and Leicester.

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