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Pisa, Italy

Mamma mia! That tower's still standing?

Pisa's iconic leaning tower is known the world round, proving that imperfection can sometimes be perfect. Yet there's a lot more to see in this elegant Tuscan City than gravity-defying buildings, with Romanesque architecture and colourful buildings along the banks of the Arno River delighting those on a city break. The Leaning Tower is a must-see while in town. For sure-fire Instagram gold, enlist a travel companion to help you get a shot that makes it look as if you're the only thing stopping the tower from toppling. Once you've ticked that off the list, experience marvels like the neighbouring Cathedral of Pisa, with its medieval and Renaissance art treasures. Pisa's more rustic and laid-back neighbourhood trattorias tend to be where you'll get the best meal. Feast on regional cheeses and cured meats or indulge in generous helpings of pasta with wild boar. For a quintessential Italian evening, linger over an 'aperitivo' - an aperitif and delicious sharing plates - as the Tuscan sun sets over the city.

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