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Rzeszow, Poland

You won't resist Rzeszow

You cannot ignore the charm of Rzeszow, with the Carpathian mountains providing the ideal background to appreciate, explore and engage in exciting outdoor activities during weekend breaks here. The Polish city is a treasure trove of historical landmarks that form a majestic silhouette against the picturesque landscape. Discover the enormous hilltop Lubomirski Castle and get acquainted with the statues outside the Piarist Monastery. The fascinating Rzeszow Multimedia Fountain complex is where you can spend hours watching either the water jets dancing to music or the foggy spray screening film, 3D and laser presentations. Underneath the tenant houses in the old town’s central square, lies the Rzeszow Cellars. Named to reflect the town’s history, the cellars house hidden passages and medieval remains of relics, iron bars, bricks and walls – giving the place an eerie but insightful atmosphere. The old town also becomes an exciting spot to welcome the night during any city break, as Rzeszow's repertoire of (affordable) pubs and clubs begin to light-up as the sun goes down...

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