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Trondheim, Norway

Scandinavia's delight

A beautiful line-up of traditional and colourful wooden buildings, with their reflections playing hide-and-seek on the waters of the Nidelva River, will guide you as make your way in and around this city centre. This picturesque vision quite aptly captures the Scandinavian essence of Trondheim. The Norwegian city, with its repertoire of museums, churches, great cafés, and some truly enjoyable pubs, is a delight to explore during a weekend break. A tour of Stiftsgarden – the royal residence in Trondheim and Scandinavia's largest wooden palace – is a must. The garden here thrives with lush natural beauty and is one of Trondheim loveliest corners for a picnic or to relax with a good book. The Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum offers an interesting educational tour of artifacts collected in the region over the last 150 years. The Brattørgata in the Nedre Elvehavn district is the liveliest place to be in the evening. Once a municipal shipyard, Brattørgata is now an entertainment complex of restaurants, pubs, and bars, creating the perfect environment to enjoy summer nights on a weekend trip.

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