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Key Largo, Florida, USA

The Key to happiness

Pun intended – but if a weekend break in Key Largo isn’t the key to a better mood, then what is? The self-declared “Dive Capital of the World” can certainly pride itself on a vast variety of different water activities. You can spend your time fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Oh, and that childhood dream to swim with dolphins we’ve all had since Flipper? It’s all right there at Dolphins Plus! Don’t even dry your hair – dive into the underwater world at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park with the only living coral reef in the continental US instead. If you ever do make it out of the water, soak in as much vitamin D as you can before sunset then get ready for a hefty dinner for water really does make you hungry. Pescetarians will be delighted by the selection of fresh seafood. Your weekend trip to Key Largo will slowly be coming to an end while you snack on fresh crab cakes, lobster, or fish tacos and enjoy the beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico one last time.

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